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Shiseido Waso Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream Ansigt Fugtighedscreme Kvinder 50 ml


A specially-formulated, intensely hydrating translucent cream containing whole carrot cells.\n\nThis unique clear cream provides dewy rich moisture for a soft skin. It is formulated with whole carrot cells to improve dryness and visible pores of unstable skin.\n\nCarrots are high in water and nutrients that can help skin looking healthy. The carotene they contain is effective in optimizing the skin condition and softening the skin. Feel-good carrots also represent the color of happiness and celebration in Japan since ancient times.\n\nYoung skin / early 20’s.\n\nNormal to dry skin that needs hydration\n\nDay and night\n\nWhole Cell Release System W: a technology that carefully separates whole botanical cells one by one, removing them and formulating them while they are still fresh. Delivers them to the skin without breaking them down to maximize their natural ingredient balance.\nPhytoResist System+: a technology that uses the power of botanicals to target unstable skin with recurring problems, to bring skin back to a healthy state and banish skin problems for the future. Using a unique combination of ingredients, PhytoResist System+ reinforces the skin’s barrier function, and regulates skin cell turnover, for a balanced, smooth and protected skin.\nAromachology Science: the art and science of scent to ensure a holistic treatment that allows you to look and feel your best.\n\nUse as the last step of your skincare routine.\nTake two pearl-sized drops onto your fingertips and smooth over the skin.\nCan also be used during the day over makeup and also on tips of hair.\n\n- 24h hydration\n- A plump, soft and nourished skin\n- Pores are minimized
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