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Collistar Mascara Volume Unico Mascara 13 ml


AN UNIQUE MASCARA with an instant volumizing, thickening and shaping effect which rebuilds the lashes and gives the eyes an intense look.\n\n- UNIQUE for its ‘tailor-made’ shaping texture made using a special blend of waxes with different melting points, enabling you to apply as many coats of mascara as you like and create the curl and volume you need.\n- UNIQUE for its super-volumizing, thickening formula made with a special combination of peptides and panthenol: rebuilds the lashes from the inside and makes them gradually thicker and fuller.\n- UNIQUE high tech ‘double wand’ which instantly boosts the volume of the lashes and coats their whole length to perfection.\n- UNIQUE for its glossy colour and long-lasting hold: stays perfectly in place all day long, no matter where you are, no matter the weather.\n- Clinically proven effectiveness*:\n- Immediate volume effect: +200%\n- Gradual lash-thickening action: +41% in only 2 weeks\n\nOphthalmologically tested – Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.\n\n*Clinical test vs placebo carried out on 20 women. MASCARA VOLUME UNICO® is also available in a WATERPROOF version.
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